Utilities info.

For those tenants paying any or all utilities, the following is some information to help ensure that you have all your utilities like electricity and internet up and running when you move in.

Electricity / Heat / Hot Water

NYSEG (Turn on service)
1-800-572-1111 and Office hours Monday Friday,  7am – 7 pm


Supplied by City of Ithaca. City sent invoice to the building owner quarterly. Then the invoice will sent to tenants


Time Warner Cable


Fiber Spark (607)383-0595

Trash & Recycling

Up-to-date trash pick-up information found here.

Plastic bags may not be used for recycling trash. “No trash bags can be seen around the property” until the night of the collection. All trash can be stored on the exterior of the building in containers with a tight lid.

Recycling Information can be found at here. Recycling is picked up every other week on trash night. Bins can be picked up at 122 Commercial Ave.